Angela Huggins is the mixed media artist of Angel Hugs 4 All LLC out of Jersey City, NJ. Her specialties include handcrafted art dolls, hand-dyed fabric, and various other mixed media projects.
Angela's sewing expertise comes from her mother, teaching her at an early age how to sew. She also enhanced her skills by attending many classes, workshops, and conferences all over the United States.
Angel Hugs 4 All is one of the featured businesses in author and business coach Andrew Frazier's "Running Your Small Business Like A Pro."
Angela recently completed studies with Barb Kobe's "Healing Doll Way." This year-long course taught dollmaking as healing. Many studies show that creating dolls with fabric and different mediums has a therapeutic effect.

Since beginning my journey in this field, my dedication to the work and motivation to grow has led me to exceptional projects and experiences with dollmaking. I'm grateful for a profession I'm passionate about and am proud to share examples of my most significant work. I am currently studying for my Bachelor in Art at New Jersey City University to become an art therapist. That is an enhancement to the business I am building. But, it now goes beyond that and deep into the community. So we can learn, grow and heal together. While learning about the beauty of the African American culture through art, we can help heal a community.
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